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Dr. Zhao

Dr. Yong Zhao
Keynote speaker at ISTE 2012

ISTE keynote speakers address our conference audience on a wide range of topics that touch and influence educators. From Steve Jobs and Bill Gates to classroom teachers and award-winning photojournalists, our keynote speakers bring a message closely tied to each year’s conference theme.

And while a direct connection with education and/or technology is awesome, we are also interested in bringing viewpoints from outside our core fields. What’s most important is that the message is inspiring, thought-provoking, and brings perspective to our audience in new and exciting ways.

Future keynote recommendations

Keynote suggestions have closed for ISTE 2013, however, we accept recommendations year round for upcoming conferences.

Keynote Speaker Suggestion Guidelines: 
We receive many suggestions from all over the world. Make sure yours catches our attention by following these simple guidelines:

  • Think outside the box. ISTE is not your typical education conference. Visit our past conferences page to see past speakers, and do us one better by coming up with the freshest suggestion you can.
  • Keep it simple. Brief and concise is the name of the game–we get lots of suggestions and read them all, so it’s important that you get to the point quickly and make your case with gusto.
  • Provide examples and build your case. Send links to videos and articles about your suggested speaker/s.

Please note that due to the volume of suggestions, only those appropriate for the event in question will be answered. You may recommend yourself or someone else.

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