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Concurrent Sessions

In-room presentations; one hour long unless otherwise noted.

  • Lecture
    One or more presenters, each addressing the audience independently.

  • Spotlight
    Lecture Sessions featuring recognized leaders in ed tech.

  • Corporate Spotlight (available in mid-April)
    Lecture Sessions featuring CEOs and/or executive leadership of ISTE's Tier One and Tier Two sponsoring companies.

  • Panel
    Main presenter serving as moderator interacting with co-presenter panelists.

  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
    Presenters deliver content in a more interactive, hands-on environment where audience brings own laptops or other devices. Advance sign-up required.*

  • IVC Showcase
    Half-hour presentations by interactive videoconferencing (IVC) leaders and innovators showcasing their programming content and classroom initiatives via videoconferencing from their home locations.

  • Birds-of-a-Feather
    Informal, one-and-a-half hour discussion format providing a special opportunity for like-minded educators to gather and network.

* BYOD sessions are included as part of your conference registration but require advanced sign-up. Check hardware and software prerequisites ahead of time, via the Program Search Details for each session.

Learning Station Sessions

Exhibit-style presentations; two hours long unless otherwise noted.

  • Poster
    Focused on the sharing of curriculum, staff development, or administrative Ed Tech ideas.

  • Global Collaboration Project
    Focused on the sharing of international projects, curricula, and promising practices.

  • Student Showcase
    Features students sharing their classroom projects and activities.

Research Papers

One hour presentations featuring original research on the general theme of using technologies to enhance education.

  • Roundtable
    Multiple papers presented concurrently in an informal table discussion format in the same room.

  • Presentation
    Two or three papers presented consecutively in a formal lecture format in the same room.

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