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Dear friends,

Thank you for attending ISTE 2013 in San Antonio. We appreciate the extraordinary efforts you make to participate in the world’s most comprehensive ed tech event. Your presence here makes the experience richer for all.

Over the coming week, our community will focus on sharing, learning and discovering the best ways to prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s challenges. We hope you’ll participate in as many conference activities—formal and informal—as possible.

You will find:
  • Inspiring and provocative keynotes
  • More than 800 concurrent sessions chosen from more than 2,300 submissions (with dozens in every available time slot)
  • Scores of interactive options, including poster sessions, playgrounds, themed lounges and hands-on activities
  • A vibrant expo with hundreds of vendors, products and learning experiences
  • Countless opportunities for “finding your tribe”—whether via social channels, informal meetups or serendipitous connections

More than 18,000 educators and industry reps from around the globe are with you here in San Antonio! Tap into this collective wisdom to glean new perspectives, uncover fresh approaches, and identify the sources of inspiration that will help you return to your work recharged and reinvigorated.

We hope you’ll revel in a spirit of discovery this week that will keep you inspired the entire year. Thank you for your energy, your expertise, and your contributions to learning and teaching.

We’d like to extend a special thank-you to all the staff, volunteers, presenters, members, sponsors and participating organizations that have worked long and hard to bring you ISTE 2013 in San Antonio.


Kecia Ray
ISTE President

Brian Lewis