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ISTE 2012 > Program > Special Focus Playgrounds

Program Special Focus Playgrounds

Playgrounds are single or multi-day events that provide educators with opportunities to “play” with interactive technologies for creativity and learning.

Digital age Media Center

Monday, 8 am–4 pm, Sails Pavilion

Connect with school librarians and teachers while learning about innovative technologies and resources that support student development of information literacy skills. Hosted by ISTE’s SIGMS. Coordinator: Maureen Sanders-Brunner, Ball State University (IN)

Digital Arts Studio

Tuesday, 9 am–4 pm, Sails Pavilion

Experience the wonder of creating and performing using the latest digital arts resources. Compose, sketch, play! Your inner child will be delighted! Hosted by ISTE’s SIGAE, SIGDS, and SIGMT. Coordinator: Savilla Bannister, Bowling Green State University (OH)

Digital Fabrication Playground

Wednesday, 9am–1 pm, Sails Pavilion

Experience hands-on digital fabrication tools in our FabLab and learn to apply design principles to STEM. Hosted by ISTE’s SIGTE. Coordinator: Sarah McPherson, New York Institute of Technology (NY)

STEM & Computer Science Playground

Wednesday, 9 am–1 pm, Sails Pavilion

Student teams share how they create technologies that enhance learning in STEM and computer science. Come and interact with our students from different organizations and programs. Hosted by ISTE’s SIGCT and SIGILT. Coordinator: Joe Kmoch, Milwaukee Public Schools (WI)

Games & Simulations Arcade

Monday, 8 am–4 pm, Sails Pavilion

Explore games and simulations for math, science, social studies, and more as well as tools for creating games and simulations. Hosted by ISTE’s SIGGS. Coordinator: Shanna Falgoust, Education Service Center-Region 20 (TX)

Interactive Videoconferencing Playground

Wednesday, 9 am–1 pm, Sails Pavilion

Come share our passion for H.323 interactive video conferencing in a hands-on, supportive environment. Hosted by ISTE’s SIGIVC. Coordinator: Audra May, South Central Kansas DLN (KS)

Mobile Learning Playground

Wednesday, 9 am-1 pm, Sails Pavilion

The mobile learning playground will give educators the opportunity to hear, see, and play with others using mobile devices in schools. Hosted by ISTE’s SIGML. Coordinator: Adrian Gutierrez, Education Service Center-Region 20 (TX)

Universal Design for Learning Playground

Tuesday, 9 am–4 pm, Sails Pavilion

Come and learn about Universal Design for Learning (UDL), a research-based framework for supporting all learners! We’ll cover instructional planning, resources, and tools for implementing UDL. Hosted by ISTE’s SETSIG. Coordinator: James Basham, University of Kansas (KS)

Virtual Environments Playground

Monday, 8 am–4 pm, Sails Pavilion

Explore the powerful learning possibilities of virtual environments. Hosted by ISTE’s SIGVE. Coordinator: Andrew Wheelock, Erie 1Boces/WNYRIC (NY)


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