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Program Sessions by Category

Click on the links below to view all sessions included in your regular conference registration by category. You may also view Sessions by Presenter or use the Custom Program Search to browse the program by other criteria such as: title, keywords, themes & strands, audience, and more!

Concurrent Sessions

(In-room presentations; one hour long unless otherwise noted.)

  • Lecture
    One or more presenters, each addressing the audience independently.

  • Spotlight
    Lecture Sessions featuring recognized leaders in ed tech.

  • Corporate Spotlight (available in mid-April)
    Lecture Sessions featuring CEOs and/or executive leadership of ISTE's Tier One and Tier Two sponsoring companies.

  • Panel
    Main presenter serving as moderator interacting with co-presenter panelists.

  • Model Lesson
    Presenter assumes role of teacher giving lesson while audience assumes role of students or observers in a hands-on classroom setting. Limited seating; first-come, first-served.

  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
    Presenters deliver content in a more interactive, hands-on environment where audience brings own laptops or other devices. Advance sign-up required. See below*.

  • IVC Showcase
    Half-hour presentations by interactive videoconferencing (IVC) leaders and innovators showcasing their programming content and classroom initiatives via videoconferencing from their home locations.

  • Birds-of-a-Feather (available in mid-April)
    Informal, one-and-a-half hour discussion format providing a special opportunity for like-minded educators to gather and network.

* BYOD sessions are included as part of your conference registration; however, due to limited seating these sessions require advanced sign-up in order to participate. Attendees may sign up for one BYOD session per day, based on availability via the conference registration form. Check hardware and software prerequisites ahead of time, via the Program Search Details for each session.

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Learning Station Sessions

(Exhibit-style presentations; two hours long unless otherwise noted)

  • Poster
    Focused on the sharing of curriculum, staff development, or administrative Ed Tech ideas.

  • Global Collaboration Project
    Focused on the sharing of international projects, curricula, and promising practices.

  • Student Showcase
    Features students sharing their classroom projects and activities.

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Research Papers

(One hour presentations featuring original research on the general theme of using technologies to enhance education)

  • Roundtable
    Multiple papers presented concurrently in an informal table discussion format in the same room.

  • Presentation
    Two or three papers presented consecutively in a formal lecture format in the same room.

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Icon Key

Look for these icons on the Search Results pages to identify these featured initiatives.

SIG Picks
Presentations and events identified by ISTE's Special Interest Groups as being of particular interest to their members.

Leadership Strand
Program content is part of the Leadership Strand for accelerating school improvement, and may be of particular interest to administrators and other self-identified leaders.

Latin America (LatAm) Ed Tech Showcase
Indicates the session is part of the LatAm Showcase focusing on the unique contributions of national educational technology initiatives in Latin America as well as successful cross-border initiatives between the San Diego County Office of Education and Baja California.

Global Perspectives
Program content involves some type of global collaboration between students and/or teachers, or the speaker is from outside the U.S.

ISTE Corporate Member
Presentation is sponsored by a member of the ISTE Corporate Relations Program. ISTE Corporate Members are corporations that share and support ISTE’s commitment to advancing education by integrating technology into learning environments and improving products and services available to educators worldwide.

ISTE Author
One or more presenters is an ISTE book or periodicals author.

Not Recordable
Indicates presenter has not given permission to record session in accordance with ISTE's Recording Policy.

Video On-Demand
Identifies sessions and events that will be recorded for postconference on-demand viewing.

Executive Summary
Indicates the session has been selected to be recorded for the purpose of creating an Executive Summary which will be available for purchase and download after the conference.



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Participate Remotely

Not able to make it to ISTE 2012 in San Diego? Here are several ways you can participate remotely.

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