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Presenters Welcome

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Final Room Assignments & Equipment Confirmations
Workshop Final Enrollment Status
Handout/Paper/Photo Upload
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IVC Questionnaire
ISTE 2012 Program Live!
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Editing Your Proposal
Important Equipment Information
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Presenter Registration & Housing
Proposal Acceptance Rates

Presenter Login

Login to create, view, and/or edit an existing proposal or to update your contact information.

Login for 2012 is now closed.

New! Final Room Assignments & Equipment Confirmations

All sessions and workshops will take place at the San Diego Convention Center (SDCC). Use the Presenter Login to access your presenter menu to find out where you will be presenting, and to view detailed room diagrams and equipment specs. Presenters who requested whiteboards and other additional equipment or software may also view whether your requests have been approved.

Workshop Final Enrollment Status

ISTE has completed its final analysis of workshop enrollments. All workshop presenters must acknowledge receipt of your final workshop enrollment notice via your presenter menu on or before Friday, May 11. Use the Presenter Login to access your presenter menu to see if you made the final cut.

Upload Handouts, Research Papers, and Photos

Presenters may now upload handouts, research papers, and photos to be displayed on their Session Detail pages via their presenter menus. Use the Presenter Login to access your presenter menu.

Handouts and photos may be uploaded before, during, and after the conference through July 6. Handouts may be uploaded as URLs or files. Accepted handout file formats include PDF, PowerPoint, and plain text (.pdf, .ppt, .txt). Accepted photo formats include JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and Bitmap (.jpg, .tif, .png, .bmp). Maximum file size for handouts and photos is 5MB.

All research papers must be uploaded by June 22; however, papers on the subject of teacher education submitted by May 20 will be considered for the 2012 SIGTE Research Paper Award of Excellence. Be sure to read the Important Information for Research Papers for instructions on formatting and submitting your paper.

Create a Ning Discussion for Your Session

The ISTE 2012 Ning is a social network expressly designed to enable presenters and attendees to connect, document, and share their conference experiences; discuss and review conference sessions; and start or contribute to a forum or group. We encourage all presenters to first create a forum discussion directly related to your session on the ISTE 2012 Ning and then use the Presenter Login to access your presenter menu to upload the discussion URL to the program database so it will be displayed on your Session Detail listing.

IVC Presenter Questionnaire

IVC Presenters (i.e. those who requested a room with videoconferencing capabilities) should now go online to complete your IVC Questionnaire and provide the ISTE tech support team with your detailed connectivity requirements. Use the Presenter Login to access your presenter menu, and complete your questionnaire by April 30.

ISTE 2012 Program is Live!

The ISTE 2012 program database is now live and available to the public. Use the Custom Program Search to look up your session on the conference website to see how it is displaying. Use the Presenter Login to access your presenter menu to add/modify exhibitor links or edit your session information if necessary.

Workshop and BYOD Session presenters may also now view current enrollment information and communicate with registered participants via your presenter menus. This will be especially useful in June as a way to remind participants about hardware/software prerequisites and disseminate other preparatory instruction.

View Equipment & Room Specs

Presenters may now view equipment status and room specs via their presenter menus, although whiteboard requests are still on hold pending confirmation of availability and quantities from vendors. Model Lesson Session and Mac/Windows Lab Workshop presenters may also request additional hardware/software through February 18. Please use the Presenter Login to access your presenter menu.

Proposal Status Now Available

The Proposal Review Committee has completed its review of all ISTE 2012 proposal submissions. Acceptance and regret notifications have been emailed, and proposal status is accessible via your presenter menu. Those whose proposals have been accepted may also view the day/time you have been assigned to present via your presenter menu. Final room assignments will be determined in late-May, at which time you will be provided with complete room configuration and equipment information.

All main presenters must complete an online participation agreement form for each accepted proposal by January 6, 2012. Please use the Presenter Login to access your presenter menu and confirm your participation.

Should circumstances later arise that prevent you from being able to present, please notify as soon as possible.

Connect Your Session to Exhibitors with Related Products & Services

Presenters and exhibitors have the opportunity to create online links between their session and exhibit listings. Help us to create a holistic learning environment to enrich the experience of the attendee, and support the goals of our corporate partners and yourselves—our presenters. Use the Presenter Login to access your presenter menu and establish connections with exhibitors whose products and services are an integral part of your session content.

Editing Your Proposal

ISTE will publish its Advance Program in mid-February. In conjunction, all the presentation-related proposal content in our database will be made public on the conference website. As such, we ask you to help us keep this information as accurate and up-to-date as possible. This includes your contact information, proposal summary, primary URL, and copresenter information.

Important Equipment Information

New this year, Spotlight, Lecture, Panel, BYOD, Presentation Research Paper, and BYO and Seminar/Demo Workshop presenters will need to provide their own presentation computers as they will no longer be included as part of the standard room set. Presentation computers will continue to be provided in Model Lesson rooms and Mac/Windows Workshop labs. Model Lesson and Mac/Windows Lab Workshop presenters will have an opportunity to request additional hardware and/or software in mid-January.

Other Important Information by Session Category

This information which was included on your participation agreement form is also provided here for your quick reference. Click the appropriate link below for additional information regarding your specific session type:

Presenter Registration and Housing

All presenters must register to attend the conference. ISTE is pleased to extend the March 31 Super Early Bird discount to all main presenters and co-presenters, regardless of registration period. Main presenters, specifically, must hold a one-day, student, retired educator, exhibitor, or full conference registration by the end of the Early Bird registration period (May 1, 2012). Presentations of main presenters who have not registered as attendees or exhibitors as of May 1, 2012 are subject to cancellation. Authorized Exclusions: IVC Showcase main presenters who are presenting remotely and preconference (Saturday or Sunday) Workshop main presenters who are not attending the conference.

Housing is separate from the conference registration process. Visit the Travel page for a list of conference hotels and to reserve a hotel room. Rooms fill up quickly, so be sure to make your reservation as early as possible.

ISTE 2012 Proposal Acceptance Rates

Session Type Submitted Accepted Acceptance Rate

BYOD 236 65 27.5%
IVC Showcase 34 13 38.2%
Lecture/Panel/Spotlight 1044 277 26.5%
Model Lesson 76 24 31.6%
Poster 363 221 60.9%
Global Collaboration Project 39 34 87.2%
Student Showcase 94 54 57.4%
Research Paper 112 55 49.1%
Workshop 280 155 55.4%

Totals 2278 898 39.4%


Important Dates for Presenters

Jan 6:
participation agreement form deadline

Jan 25:
equipment request process begins

Feb 10:
equipment request process ends

Feb 15:
program available online; enrollment access begins

Apr 16:
handout/paper upload process begins

May 4:
workshop cancellation notification

May 20:
paper submission deadline for SIGTE award consideration

May 25:
final confirmations emailed (incl. lab/room assignments)

Jun 1:
workshop lab appointment scheduling begins

Jun 22:
final paper submission deadline

Jun 23-24:
preconference workshops

Jun 25-27:
ISTE 2012