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Media Welcome

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Thank you for your interest in ISTE’s annual conference and exposition. ISTE 2012 registration is free to working credentialed editorial press, broadcast reporters, active freelancers, and established bloggers who are covering ISTE 2012 events for their respective news outlets.

All requests for free media registration are subject to review and approval by ISTE 2012 communications staff. Please note that PR, sales, and marketing staffs are not eligible for free media registration, media badges, or work space in the Press Room.

Event News and Updates

At the conference, be sure to pick up the official show newspaper, ISTE’s Daily Leader, published Sunday through Wednesday, June 24–27, 2012. Print copies are available throughout the convention center and also posted online on the conference website.

Don’t miss the conference news and buzz on social media. Follow our public blog and Twitter feed, ISTE Connects, for up-to-the-minute news, comments, clips, highlights, opportunities, and changes. Bookmark the ISTE 2012 Ning and ISTE community Ning for in-depth discussion about sessions, presenters, exhibitors, venues, logistics, and resources. And sample the following Twitter hashtags for more: #iste2012, #iste12, #iste, #edtech, #edchat.

Press Room

The Press Room will be open and staffed as follows:

Sunday, June 24: 1–5 pm
Monday, June 25: 8 am–6 pm
Tuesday, June 26: 8 am–6 pm
Wednesday, June 27: 8 am–3 pm

Intended as a quiet work area for credentialed media, the Press Room is equipped with a small interview area, several computers, a printer/fax/copier, and print media kits from ISTE 2012 and its exhibitors and sponsors.

NOTE: Exhibitor PR representatives may bring print press kits to the Press Room and periodically refresh their stack of materials. However, we cannot store or accept delivery of this material in the Press Room.


Your coverage is important to us and we hope to accomodate as many members of the media and points of view as possible.

Online registration closes June 18. After that, please register onsite and pick up your press credentials and badge from the Media Desk in the registration area. You will need your press badge/ribbon for access to conference events, sessions, keynotes, and exhibit hall. You'll also need these media credentials to use the Press Room work areas and equipment.


Contact Information

Through June 15 contact
Pat Walsh
Vox Public Relations Public Affairs

Beginning June 23 direct your questions to staff and volunteers at the Media Registration booth onsite

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