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ISTE 2012 > At A Glance > ISTE Resources And Community Respect

At a Glance ISTE Resources & Community Respect

Member and attendee actions have an impact in ISTE member communities and events. To support the goal of providing a positive experience for all participants, we ask that you consider your impact and make good choices when utilizing shared resources or engaging in community activites.

ISTE's Member Code of Conduct is to act and communicate in a courteous and professional manner:

  • Treat other members of the ISTE community fairly and with respect. This includes fellow members, volunteers, staff, and the wider educational population engaged in ISTE-facilitate discussions, events, and communities
  • Communicate professionally and constructively, handling dissent or disagreement with courtesy and an open mind. be respectful in providing feedback, and be open to alternate points of views
  • Share information about the organization via ublic communication channels reponsibly; clearly identify individual opinion from verifiable fact

Resources provided to enhance the ISTE conference environment are limited and highly influenced by the individual and collective behavior of their users.

With this in mind, we ask that all participants:

  • Be mindful of the parameters of shared bandwidth
  • When possible, use only one device at a time to access the Web
  • Disable Web-seeking on devices not in use
  • Power/charge devices to their fullest before arriving onsite; do not bring and/or daisy-chain powerstrips in public spaces or meeting rooms
  • Avoid downloading large files onsite if this can be accomplished overnight at your hotel
  • Use only the established wireless network SSID for the conference (avoid tethering or establishing networks with your own computer/device


ISTE 2012 Important Dates

October 3, 2011
Registration opens

October 5, 2011
Call for participation closes

November 2, 2011
Housing reservations open

February 15, 2012
Program online, add workshops and tours

March 31, 2012
Super Early-Bird registration deadline

April 11, 2012
Housing cancellation deadline, no fee

May 1, 2012
Early-Bird registration deadline

June 6, 2012
Online housing reservations close

June 8, 2012
Mail registrations close

June 18, 2012
Web/phone/fax registrations close

June 18, 2012
Deadline for cancellations (accepted in writing)

June 23–27, 2012
Onsite registration at San Diego Convention Center