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ISTE 2012 > At A Glance > Glossary

At a Glance Glossary

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ISTE’s official conference Twitter hashtag


Like-minded organizations around the world that support ISTE's mission at a grassroots level. ISTE currently has 80 affiliate organizations. See what some affiliates are doing at the conference.

Bloggers Café

A lounge featuring participatory blogging events and ISTE Unplugged

BOF—Birds of a Feather

Informal sessions that provide opportunities for like-minded attendees to gather, share ideas, and network

BYOD—Bring Your Own Device

Concurrent sessions included in conference fee but requiring pre-registration. BYODs feature hands-on exploration of resources or practice with technology skills and programs using participants' own laptops or devices

CEU–Continuing Education Unit

A nationally recognized method of quantifying the time spent during non-credit learning; ten hours of instruction equal one CEU. Find out more about earning CEUs at ISTE 2012 on our Earning Credit page

Concurrent Session

A group of sessions presented simultaneously; attendees choose one session per timeslot. See schedule page for ISTE 2012 concurrent sessions including lecture, panel, spotlight, corporate spotlight, model lesson, BYOD, table lab, IVC showcase, research paper, and birds of a feather

Corporate Spotlights

Lecture or panel concurrent sessions hosted by ISTE's Tier One and Tier Two sponsoring companies

Doctor Is In

A place to get technical assistance onsite at the conference. Located in Ballroom 6 Lobby

ETAN–Ed Tech Action Network

Tools and training to support and advocate for using ed tech to improve learning and teaching

Global Collaboration Projects

Learning station sessions focused on the sharing of international projects, curricula, and promising practices. ISTE 2012 will host 36 global collaboration projects, Sunday from 7 to 8:30 pm


International Society for Technology in Education; home to ISTE's annual conference and exposition (formerly the National Educational Computing Conference, NECC), and the NETs


A set of digital age standards, integrated across all educational curricula and designed for three levels of learners: students, teachers, and administrators

ISTE Connects

ISTE's year round public blog focusing on global ed tech news and issues; with guest bloggers and daily updates. Visit ISTE Connects in the Social Butterfly Lounge.

ISTE Ignite

A conference session where multiple presenters have 15 seconds to present 20 images and share their passion with the audience.

ISTE Unplugged

ISTE Unplugged is a venue of informal presentations in the Bloggers Café–anyone attending the conference can sign up to present

IVC Showcase

Half-hour presentations by interactive videoconferencing (IVC) leaders and innovators showcasing their programming content and classroom initiatives via videoconferencing from their home locations

LatAm Showcase

A select group of conference sessions highlighting the unique contributions of educational technology initiatives in Latin America.

Learning Station Sessions

Exhibit-style presentations consisting of poster sessions, global collaboration projects, and student showcases. Learning stations are two-hours unless otherwise noted. See schedule for times.


Comfy gathering zones for like-minded attendees to connect on a variety of issues and topics. Areas are equipped with interactive electronic whiteboards for informal presentations and sharing

Mobile App

The ISTE 2012 mobile app (native for iPad and iPhone) is a seamless connection with your conference planner and real-time session/schedule info and updates. iOS and smartphone users can also access a mobile interface for the conference.

Model Lesson

Concurrent sessions where presenters assume role of teacher giving lesson while audience assumes role of students or observers in a hands-on classroom setting; limited seating; first-come, first-served.

Newbie Lounge

A lounge where first-time attendees can connect and get assistance, information, and valuable resources. Visit the attendee-designed Newbie website to get started.


A Ning is an online platform used to create social networks. ISTE's conference Ning is a great place to network and find session and event information before and during the conference

Poster Sessions

Learning station sessions focused on the sharing of curriculum, staff development, or administrative ed tech ideas. These exhibit style presentations are normally two hours long; see schedule for times.

Presentation (Research Paper)

A type of research paper session where two or three papers are presented consecutively in a formal lecture format in the same room

Remote ISTE

Streamed sessions and other conference content that is presented live online for attendees who cannot travel to the conference location

Research Papers

One-hour presentations featuring original research on the general theme of using technologies to enhance education. Roundtable and presentation formats, see schedule page for research paper sessions

Rock Star Sessions

Presented by CUE (ISTE affiliate), these exciting, hands-on lessons end with a finished product. (Add’l fee required).

Roundtable (Research Paper)

Research paper sessions where multiple papers (7) are presented concurrently in an informal table discussion format in the same room

SDCC—San Diego Convention Center

The SDCC is home to the ISTE 2012 conference

Shred Sessions

Presented by CUE (ISTE affiliate), these are short, two-minute “test drives” of upcoming sessions, designed to entice you to attend (included in conference registration fee).

SIGs–Special Interest Groups

ISTE's SIGs offer year round professional development, networking, and leadership opportunities and are free for members to join. ISTE currently has 21 SIGs; see what the SIGs are doing at ISTE 2012


A conference session or event that is broadcast live to various locations throughout the convention center, including the lounges

SocialEdCon (formerly EdubloggersCon)

A free "unconference" event on Saturday, on social media in education

Social Butterfly Lounge

A lounge where attendees can take crash courses in various social media, and interact with ISTE Connects staff

Special Focus Playgrounds

Single or multi-day events that provide educators with opportunities to "play" with interactive technologies for creativity and learning


Lecture or panel sessions featuring recognized leaders in ed tech

Student Showcase

Learning station sessions featuring students sharing their classroom projects and activities. Six student showcases at each timeslot; see schedule for times.


Refreshments provided throughout the convention center for conference attendees. Look for the cupcake icon in the Daily Leader.

Virtual Workshops

Specific conference workshops that are streamed live to remote participants; requires pre-registration and fee payment

VOD–Video on Demand

Conference sessions or events that have been recorded for later viewing; look for the VOD icon in the conference program or online for a list of recorded sessions


In-depth professional development on specific topics. Requires pre-registration and fee payment (not part of conference registration fee)


Technology that uses radio waves to provide wireless high-speed Internet and network connections


ISTE 2012 Important Dates

October 3, 2011
Registration opens

October 5, 2011
Call for participation closes

November 2, 2011
Housing reservations open

February 15, 2012
Program online, add workshops and tours

March 31, 2012
Super Early-Bird registration deadline

April 11, 2012
Housing cancellation deadline, no fee

May 1, 2012
Early-Bird registration deadline

June 6, 2012
Online housing reservations close

June 8, 2012
Mail registrations close

June 18, 2012
Web/phone/fax registrations close

June 18, 2012
Deadline for cancellations (accepted in writing)

June 23–27, 2012
Onsite registration at San Diego Convention Center